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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games

My friend Hannah and I had the awesomeness to go to the Hunger Games midnight premiere! After waiting for 3 hours the movie started. I was all like :) then the movie started and I was like :(
I personally think the movie wasn't very good. They put in the wrong facts. The less important ones. When they could have put in the super important ones. Why was there no Madge? Why did the mutants look like overly large Naked Mole Rats? Why was the filming so shaky giving me a head ache? Though not comparing it to the book, it was pretty good! And man did they get some hot people!! Cato + hes a model so hes extra hot. Gale + hes Australian so hes like 20 times hotter.
Though i was disappointed with the movie i had an awesome time waiting in line with my friend, talking and listening to music and debating who was hotter; Gale, Peeta or Cato.

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