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Friday, August 26, 2011

add on

This is an add on to the Zoo post. I just didn't want to mess up the order of my pictures and stuff. So here is the funniest video of this polar bear. It would walk in this big loop and go out of site then it would pop out and start walking backwards to the water while shaking its head, and right before it would hit the water it would go back back into its little loop thing. It did this for like ten minutes and when we left the polar bears it was still doing it.


A couple of weeks ago I went to the Oregon Zoo with my friend Tessah. Now i'm not going to post pictures or videos of the animals because everyone does that, but I am going to post some interesting pictures that not most people don't post.

I'm not able to put these in a certain order with captions. So I will explain them. The one with Tessah on the big red thing is actually a tricycle for n elephant, I cant remember if it would be for a baby or a grown up one though. The one of me riding a mouse is just awesome and no one has ever seen me riding a mouse before. The Scuba Divers are cleaning a fish aquarium and I have never seen some one do that before. And the one with the dog is just cool, I liked it because it was close and it is a clear picture of it in motion.