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Monday, April 25, 2011

Akward Update with Random News

.... Well Sarah told me that I should post some pics of my friends and portland. Well I so would if I had some kind of cord to download the pics from my phone to my computer! But I don't! I have to go to the phone place and get a USB cord or something. And I am so excited because Sarah found out that there new baby is going to be a GIRL! yeahhhhhh! But there is one HUGE problem, there not going to name is Lily-Anna, they chose Jenna instead. But thats ok. Jenna and Julia go together.( just to let you know sarah, you should have a nother girl and name that one Lily-Anna, not only because theres Anna in it but also because I think that is a really really pretty name that would go good with Scotts style.) Also I found out that Julia's fav subject in school is MATH! Who likes math these day?( besides the math teachers that BTW are Gnerks. (Geek and nerd in one word). But thats also good that she likes math because when she gets older that will be the BEST skill to have. My mom told me that when I was her age my fav subject was spelling! I hate spelling now! She said that when I broke my arm I told the doctor that and then when i went to get my cast off I showed him my spelling test that I got a 100% on. I think that is so weird! But whats also is weird is that we dont have spelling tests or anything this year. I thought that was interesting.