Its out of this world!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I got a new haircut!

So I went to Great clips and was going to get a trim and a perm. Turns out of your hair was even just slightly below or touching your shoulder it was $82. So i just got a hair cut. Well it turned out horrible. So I went to a place called Master Cuts, in the mall. They did great! She talked asked me id I thought it should go shorter or what to fix. And she told me that the reason that great clips and super cuts they are on a time limit and can only cut your hair for up to 15 min. So they normal turn out not so great. Well when I went to Master Cuts they lady took at least an hour and a half! And I am very happy with it.

Sleep over with Hannah again!!!!

Hannah and me having another sleepover! Hannah got to watch Goonies for the first time!